Dear Community Leaders:

At every Regular Meeting of the City Council, your representatives consider an item called Finding of Public Benefit (FOPB) under the Discussion Agenda. This is the official process by which Mayor and City Council can consider donating City Council discretionary funds toward supporting community events that are found to be a benefit to the Pomona community at-large. If a proposed item is found to be a public benefit, Mayor and City Council will each have the opportunity to donate to each request for a period of 30 calendar days, per their discretion. 

The Council recently tasked the Community Life Commission (CLC) with recommending events for consideration of FOPB.  Organizations are encouraged to submit their FOPB request well in advance, to ensure it is placed on the CLC meeting agenda for discussion and consideration.  Please note that CLC Meetings are conducted on the 4th Tuesday of every month.  

If you are interested in submitting a request for donation through the Finding of Public Benefit Process: 

  • Complete the Finding of Public Benefit Request Form found below (required)
  • Submit a completed IRS W9 Form (required if this is your first donation request or if your organization details have changed)
  • Organizations are encouraged to document event details (expenditure items/amounts, number of attendees, photos, etc.). This will support CLC evaluation of the event for future considerations, and potential use on City social media and serve our outreach efforts to highlight the public benefits enjoyed as a result of the City’s support.    

 Keep in mind that if your request is approved by the Council, the full amount requested is not guaranteed as donations are made per each Councilmember’s discretion. If any City services will be used as part of your event, any donated funds will be used to cover those expenses first. 

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