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James Makshanoff


The City Manager serves as the chief administrative officer of the City of Pomona, and is directly responsible to the Mayor and City Council for the efficient and effective administration and daily operation of all City functions. The City Manager makes policy and procedural recommendations to the City Council and is responsible for implementing the final directives of the City Council. The City Manager's office, includes, in addition to the City Manager, Assistant to the City Manager and several support personnel.

City Manager Responsibilities

  1. Contract oversight of Fire Services, as well as other contract services including animal control;
  2. Representing the City in legislative matters at the state and federal government levels;
  3. Working with other agencies in addressing regional issues;
  4. Overseeing operations of City Hall and services to the community;
  5. Providing information to the City Council in a timely manner including the preparation of all City Council Agenda

Mission Statement

The City of Pomona improves the quality of life for our diverse community.

Five-year Vision Statement

Pomona will be recognized as a vibrant, safe, beautiful community that is a fun and exciting destination and the home of arts and artists, students and scholars, business and industry.

Core Values

  • Cultural Diversity
  • Fiscal Responsibility
  • Focusing on the Future
  • Excellent Customer Service
  • Leadership
  • Clear and Open Communication