The City of Pomona's Public Information Office is a division of the City Manager's Office. The primary function of the PIO is to coordinate all external communication between the City and citizens. The Public Information Officer (PIO) is responsible for news releases, articles and Website content management.

The PIO works closely with the City Council, City departments, news media, the public and other government agencies to assist in building a more open and accessible city government. The PIO serves as the City's official spokesperson and handles all media-related inquiries.

Other PIO functions include coordinating Pomona's City Calendar and publicizing City and community events. To publicize a community event, contact Mark Gluba at 909-620-2448.

The City of Pomona disseminates all press releases through its Twitter page, Additionally, if you would like to receive updates and press releases from the Pomona Police Department, please visit to create a free account or follow them on Twitter at