Cultural Arts

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City of Pomona Call for Visual Art

Between March 15, 2022 and April 21, 2022 the City held the “City of Pomona Call for Visual Art” and accepted 138 applications from individual artists or organizations. To date, the CACCAC and CAC have approved of 40 projects to be executed. Our Call for Art in 2022, has resulted in our Art in Parks 2023 execution of artwork.

Throughout this year you can catch an Artist at work in our Public Parks! 

Stay tuned for more info on engagement and workshops with Artists.


Commission Members

District Commissioner Term
Mayor Joshua Swodeck - Vice Chairperson 12/2024
District 1 Dalet Ramos 12/2024
District 2 Jovani Esparza
District 3 Fridah Sanchez 12/2024
District 4 Venita Reynolds 12/2024
District 5 Diana Batts - Chairperson 12/2024
District 6 Sophia Siqueiros 12/2024
The Cultural Arts Commission promotes the arts and coordinates cultural activities within the City including activities relating to the community and the artistic and cultural heritage of the City. 

Citizens Advisory Committee Members

Title committee member Term
Commissioner Joshua Swodeck - Chairperson 02/2025

Diana Batts

Commissioner Jovani Esparza 02/2025
Public David M. Oliver - Vice Chairperson 02/2025
Public Lucia Nagler 02/2025
Public Alegria Martinez 02/2025
Public Rachel Boell 02/2025

The primary duties of the Advisory Committee shall include:

1. Review and approval of the Conceptual Design Plan application for the placement of public art on private property.
2. Making recommendations to the Cultural Arts Commission on use of public art projects for acquiring and locating public art on a property through the Call for Artists process.


Art in the Parks 2023 - Highlights so far!
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